School Aims


Hassell Primary - 'Learning for Life'

Aims of the School

At Hassell School we hope to provide the children with a wealth of experiences to enrich their lives, which will be both stimulating and enjoyable. 

We aim to:

Achieve a broad, balanced, relevant curriculum which will meet the needs of each individual child and the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.

  • Provide a happy, caring and secure environment in which all children gain recognition and success.
  • Foster personal qualities of self esteem, thoughtfulness and consideration for others.
  • Create a working atmosphere conducive to independent learning.
  • Develop and motivate each child towards their full potential.
  • Develop respect, responsibility and an awareness of moral values.
  • Create a standard of discipline which is clearly understood by staff, parents and children, and which leads ultimately to independent self-discipline for the children.
  • Encourage and facilitate the direct involvement of parents, governors and the community for the benefit of the children.