Year 1 and Year 2

        Welcome to Key Stage 1

Year 1 and 2 class teachers are: Mrs Pokora, Miss Dale, Mrs Brown and Mrs Blake and they are supported by teaching assistants Miss Barlow, Mrs Stevens, Mrs Ashley, Mrs Hyson, Mrs Dreher and Miss Robinson.


Home Learning

We hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying lots of different learning activities and experiences at home.  We will continue to email out additional activities and projects that can be worked on together with your family. Please also see the Learning area of the website for the original letter with activities and website links on.

Week beginning 13th July - Topic 'Transport'

/files/documents/Transport_Project_1P.docx - Mrs Pokora

/files/documents/12D_Transport_project.docx - Miss Dale

/files/documents/2B_transport_project.docx - Mrs Brown

Previous home learning activities:

Week beginning 6th July - Topic 'Space'

/files/documents/Class_1P_space_topic.docx - Mrs Pokora

/files/documents/Class_12D_Space_topic.docx - Miss Dale

/files/documents/Class_2B_space_topic.docx - Mrs Brown
White Rose maths resources have been emailed separately

Week beginning 22nd June - Topic 'Around the World'

/files/documents/Around_the_World_class_1P.docx Mrs Pokora

/files/documents/Around_the_World_plan_class_12D.docx Miss Dale

/files/documents/Around_the_World_2B.docx Mrs Brown

White Rose Maths resources are emailed separately

Week beginning 15th June - Topic: Famous People

/files/documents/Famous_People_Project-1P_Week_8.docx - Mrs Pokora

/files/documents/Famous_People_Home_Learning_12D.docx - Miss Dale

/files/documents/Famous_People_Home_Learning_2B.docx - Mrs Brown

White Rose maths resources are emailed separately.

School Games competition:


Week beginning 8th June - Topic: Rainforest

/files/documents/Rainforest_project_1P.docx - Mrs Pokora

/files/documents/Week_7_Rainforests_12D.docx - Miss Dale

/files/documents/Week_2_Rainforests_2B.docx - Mrs Brown

White Rose maths resources are emailed separately

Week Beginning 1st June- Topic 'Sport'

/files/documents/Sports_week_class_1P.docx - Mrs Pokora

/files/documents/Week_6_Sport_class_12D.docx - Miss Dale

/files/documents/KS1-Learning-Project-SPORT_Class_2B.docx - Mrs Brown

White Rose maths resources are emailed separately

Week beginning 18th May - Topic: Under the Sea

/files/documents/1JP_Under_the_Sea_Project_Week_5.docx - Mrs Pokora

/files/documents/Week_5_Under_the_Sea_class_12D.docx - Miss dale

/files/documents/Week_5_Under_the_Sea_2B.docx - Mrs Brown

All maths resources for the white rose maths have been emailed to parents separately 

Week beginning 11th May - Topic: Food

/files/documents/Week_4_-_food_class_1P.docx - Mrs Pokora's class

/files/documents/Food-Project_week_4__class_12D.docx - Miss Dale's class

/files/documents/Food-Project-2B.docx - Mrs Brown's class

Year 1 maths sheets

/files/files/Lesson_1_Add_by_making_10_2019.pdf - lesson 1

/files/files/Lesson_2_Subtraction_-_crossing_10_(1)_2019.pdf -lesson 2

/files/files/Lesson_3_Subtraction_-_crossing_10_(2)_2019.pdf -lesson 3

/files/files/Lesson_4_Compare_number_sentences_2019.pdf - lesson 4

Year 2 maths sheets





Week beginning 27th April: topic 'Animals'

/files/documents/1P_Animals-Project-Week_2_(1).docx   Mrs Pokora's class


/files/documents/Animals-Project-12D_Week_2.docx   Miss Dale's class


/files/documents/Animals-Project-2B_Week_2.docx   Mrs Brown and Mrs Blake's class


Week beginning 20th April: Topic 'The area we live in'

I hope you are all safe and well and have managed to enjoy a bit of sunshine over the Easter holiday.  Please find the next home learning activity ideas for your children in Year 1 and 2.



We have changed the format so will now be sending home a weekly sheet with a whole school theme. This week our topic is 'The area we live in' and there are lots of ideas for maths, english and topic that your children can complete. If there is written work, the children can put this in their exercise book. Please don't feel that you have to print any worksheets out - just writing answers in their books is absolutely fine. If you think of any additional activities you would like to do based on these topics, that too is absolutely great.  If the children would like to send photographs of any of their home activities, we would love to see them. Please email them to me on [email protected].

We will be completing similar activities in school and will post ideas and examples on our school facebook page - Hassell Primary. 

In addition, there are also lots of new resources from the bbc on:

Please feel free to take a look. For the first 2 weeks of the summer term the maths activities from White Rose do not cover the same topics as the bbc, but these will also link in from week 3 onwards. 

Additional website links and information:

Maths Lessons

At Hassell Primary, we follow the White Rose Maths Scheme of Learning.  White Rose Maths have daily lessons for each year group that include a short video and questions to answer to practise the skill taught.  You could try this at home and talk through the questions with an adult.  You can do any working out in your exercise book and write the answers to the questions in there too- we understand that not everyone will have a printer so just do any questions you can.



We have just started to follow the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc Phonics Programme.  There are daily Read Write Inc phonics lessons live on the Ruth Miskin YouTube Channel: Set 1 Sounds 9:30AM;  Set 2 Sounds 10:00AM and Set 3 Sounds 10:30AM. 

Most children in Year 1 and 2 will be learning the set 2 or 3 sounds.  The videos are available for 24 hours after the live sessions (please be aware that this is on YouTube and so we recommend adult supervision).


Information for Parents and Carers about Read Write Inc Phonics


Phonics Play

There are different games on the PhonicsPlay website for the children to practise the sounds they have been learning.


Click on Free PhonicsPlay and select Children then Games.  Most children will be working on Phases 3, 4 or 5.



The Oxford Owl website has reading books of different levels. You need to register and log in to access all the books.


Collins Big Cat Reading Books

Click on Teacher Sign in.  User name: [email protected],uk   Password: Parents20!       Click on Collins Big Cat.

On the side or back of your school child's reading book there should be a colour band; this will help to choose the level of reading book online too.

When you have picked the book and the voice starts to read it out loud, you can pause this at the bottom right of the page so the children can read it first.  Press the magnifying glass to make the page bigger.


The National Literacy Trust has links to more online stories and activities.