Years 3 and 4

Welcome to Years 3 and 4. 

Our class teachers are Mr Murdoch, Miss Dale, Miss Rosson and Mrs Sammons. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Dreher, Miss Robinson and Mrs Kelly

Our topics in Autumn 1

Welcome to Year 3/4. This term our creative curriculum topic will be ‘Land Use’ 


                                        We will:




  • Explain the purpose of a sketch map.
  • Identify the features of a sketch map.
  • Identify important landmarks in the local area.
  • Explain the purpose of symbols on a map.
  • Use symbols and a key to annotate a map.
  • Name landmarks we might see in a chosen area.
  • List ways we use land in the UK.
  • Describe an area as urban or rural.
  • List different types of rural spaces.


We will have outdoor games with L.M.A on Tuesdays so your child will need to come to school dressed in their school P.E. kit on Tuesday mornings (plain white t-shirt/polo shirt and plain navy or black shorts/tracksuit top/bottoms). They can stay in their P.E. kit all day on Tuesday.


We will have outdoor games with L.M.A on Tuesdays (Fridays for 3/4SR) so your child will need to come to school dressed in their school P.E. kit on Tuesday /Friday mornings (plain white t-shirt/polo shirt and plain navy or black shorts/tracksuit top/bottoms). They can stay in their P.E. kit all day on Tuesday/Friday.


Until further notice, we require all reading diaries (and reading books that need to be changed if necessary), to be handed in on Mondays and Thursdays in the appropriate basket in the classroom. These are the only days that school reading books will be changed due to the current Covid 19 situation. If children complete their school reading book before we are able to issue a replacement, they may of course read any book they have at home.


English and maths homework will be given out each Friday, to be completed by the next Thursday and weekly spellings will be given out on Fridays and tested on the next Friday.


As always, if you have any questions, please don not hesitate to get in contact with us.





Home Learning

Summer holiday ideas:

Please find below some additional information regarding continued work and activities that you may wish to access over the holidays with your children. 

Whilst we appreciate that this may not be for everyone, some children may choose to continue accessing some 'school work' in order to help them be ready for September. If you should choose to do so, the following may be of use:  - A range of different lessons, games and activities for all the subjects - online lessons for children - practise for times tables 

/files/ - fun activities for home and garden

/files/ - activities for year 3

/files/ - activities for year 4

Science activity iddeas:




Don't forget you could also:

Keep a diary of all the activities you do or places you visit

Do some different art activities - why not make a leaf rubbing picture, draw the flowers in your garden, design your favourite holiday destination or make a treasure map?

Send someone a postcard to say hi... this could also be a virtual postcard that you design

Design and make a paper aeroplane or kite - will they fly?

paint a rock to make a pet or decorate rocks to make a garden decoration.

Try some baking (with adult help) 

What ever you choose - don't forget to have fun!


We hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying lots of different learning activities and experiences at home.  We will continue to email out additional activities and projects that can be worked on together with your family. Please also see the Learning area of the website for the original letter with activities and website links on.

Week beginning 13th July - Topic 'Transport'


Previous home learning

Week beginning 6th July - Topic 'Space'


Week beginning 22nd June - Topic 'Around the World'


Week beginning 15th June - Topic: Famous People


White Rose maths resources are emailed separately

School Games - PE competition:


Week beginning 8th June - Topic: Rainforest


White Rose maths resources are emailed separately

Week Beginning 1st June - Topic 'Sport'


Resources for White Rose Maths will be emailed separately to parents

Week beginning 18th May - Topic: Under the Sea

/files/documents/Under_the_Sea_18.5.2020_Year_3_and_4.docx- all classes

All maths resources for White Rose Maths have been emailed separately to families.

KS2 The Joy of Moving home school festival with Stoke City:


Week beginning 11th May - Topic: Food


Maths worksheets:

Year 3





Year 4





Maths answers - year 3




Maths answers year 4





Week beginning 4th May: Topic 'The Environment' 


Week beginning 27th April: Topic 'animals'


Week beginning 20th April: Topic 'The area we live in'

I hope you are all safe and well and have managed to enjoy a bit of sunshine over the Easter holiday.  Please find the next home learning activity ideas for your children in Years 3 and 4.


We have changed the format so will now be sending home a weekly sheet with a whole school theme. This week our topic is 'The area we live in' and there are lots of ideas for maths, english and topic that your children can complete. If there is written work, the children can put this in their exercise book. Please don't feel that you have to print any worksheets out - just writing answers in their books is absolutely fine. If you think of any additional activities you would like to do based on these topics, that too is absolutely great.  If the children would like to send photographs of any of their home activities, we would love to see them. Please email them to me on [email protected].

We will be completing similar activities in school and will post ideas and examples on our school facebook page - Hassell Primary. The year group sheets will also be added to the class pages on the school website. 

In addition, there are also lots of new resources from the bbc on:

Please feel free to take a look. For the first 2 weeks of the summer term the maths activities from White Rose do not cover the same topics as the bbc, but these will also link in from week 3 onwards. 

Stay safe

Kind Regards

Kirsty Broome


Additional website pages and links:

Maths Lessons

At Hassell Primary, we follow the White Rose Maths Scheme of Learning.  White Rose Maths have daily lessons for each year group that include a short video and questions to answer to practise the skill taught.  You could try this at home and talk through the questions with an adult.  You can do any working out in your exercise book and write the answers to the questions in there too- we understand that not everyone will have a printer so just do any questions you can.